Community Management: How Digitalisation Improves Access and Efficiency

One of the less recognized functions of OAMs (Owners Association Management) is community engagement. While most of their functions revolve around overall community management, the importance of engaging the community is not frequently addressed. However, to be effective, OAMs are developing a sustained long-term relationship with the community. 

This has multiple long-term benefits. Other than improving their brand visibility and reputation, it can be instrumental in creating a harmonious environment within the community. Engaged residents are likely to be more receptive toward new policies or measures. It can also facilitate new opportunities by creating new markets for brand partnerships. 

ANACITY is a comprehensive community management software that facilitates multi-layered community management. It can help community  managers to efficiently disseminate information, gather feedback, and track the progress of key tasks like complaint resolution. 

Improving Access

ANACITY’s Multi-Property Dashboard facilitates the management of multiple gated communities simultaneously from one platform. This centralization improves access to every function, from invoice collection to asset maintenance without referring to individual society management systems. 

Streamlined Communication

Communication is the backbone of any community outreach. Managers must be able to quickly disperse important information while gathering feedback from residents. Typically, there were few options for two-way communication which largely depended on notices and memos distributed among residents. 

ANACITY facilitates communication through multiple means, including a dedicated centralized communication channel that collates important information at one place. This includes notices, memos, and newsletters. It can also help in gathering feedback through surveys and polls. Property managers can therefore leverage it to reach out to the community and keep it informed. 

Tracking Progress

Quick complaint resolution and receptivity toward resident suggestions are critical in enabling effective community management. This, in turn, depends on the manager’s ability to measure and monitor their outreach performance. ANACITY’s full stack admin console tracks progress on residents’ complaints and suggestions. It allows residents to escalate unaddressed complaints or requests to supervising managers. The console is meant to ensure that such issues are immediately addressed. 

A robust community management system is built on the twin pillars of efficiency and outreach. ANACITY provides a platform where OAMs can reach out to multiple communities in one go, creating a streamlined system for communication and performance tracking. OAMs can leverage it further to reinforce community outreach initiatives, creating swift and effective messaging while strengthening their visibility and effectiveness. 

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