ANACITY Business: Changing the Game in Workplace Management

Commercial complexes are the lifeblood of an economy. As the home to businesses, this is where a nation’s fortunes are made. It is also where working people spend most of their time. However, with their transient population, security, and maintenance issues, the management of commercial spaces can be highly challenging.

ANACITY Business offers a hosted solution with zero infrastructure setup to manage and maintain workplaces. The next-gen platform is designed to streamline and simplify community and infrastructure management in commercial spaces, office buildings, industrial complexes, and tech parks.

What is ANACITY Business?

ANACITY Business is workplace management solution to manage and maintain commercial premises such as office parks, public buildings, and warehouses. Available as an app, it is backed by an award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The full-service suite consolidates key functionalities like asset & maintenance planning, security and access, as well as services and space management.

What you get with ANACITY Business

ANACITY Business helps in monitoring workplaces through one comprehensive management solution. It empowers facility managers to significantly increase productivity and revenue flow by reducing management costs and improving space utilisation. 

Visitor & access management

ANACITY Business offers an app-based entry system to streamline entries and reduce waiting time at gates. Wireles technology replaces fobs, access badges, and keys at turnstiles, lifts and facilities. All entries can be managed with just a smartphone app. Similarly, visitor entries are managed through approvals and pre-approvals that are sent through the app. The approval notification can be scanned for quick entry. 

Food ordering

Forgot lunch? Find out what’s available at the pantry or cafeteria. You can pre-book your meal or place an order for a team lunch on the app. 

Facility booking

ANACITY Business digitises facility management by empowering employees to book facilities like meeting rooms or auditoriums. Employees can also pay for the facility on the app when required. The automated system regulates bookings, avoiding any chance of double-booking. It also enables facility managers to track the usage of facilities. 

Access to emergency services

Get instant access to services like fire, ambulance, and police. The feature helps people call these services in a critical situation. 

Complaint management

Leaky pipes to malfunctioning lifts- resolving complaints is one of the biggest challenges for any facility manager. A manager must keep track of all complaints, checking their resolution. The bigger the scale of operations, the more complicated the challenge. 

With ANACITY Business, managers can view all logged complaints and track their resolution. The automated system auto-escalates all pending complaints to the next supervisory level after a specific deadline. The system also benefits the office employees who can simply log their complaints on the app, track resolution, and leave feedback. 

Communication and social connect 

Facility managers rely on emails to communicate important messages. However, emails can get lost in inboxes. ANACITY Business offers a more effective alternative with its communication module where notices are posted on the app and can be seen anytime. The communication module can also be used to create a social network within the office complex. People can form special interest groups, share information, and hold polls and surveys. 

Asset management 

The regular repair and maintenance of the workplace assets is a key task for every facility manager. This involves the meticulous tracking of assets and their maintenance schedule. With ANACITY Business, managers can get an instant view of asset attributes, including its service history. They can also set a maintenance schedule with timely reminders.  

Financial management 

ANACITY Business is designed to simplify financial management consolidating all financial functions on one platform, from vendor billing to maintenance payments. This facilitates cost control, improving transparency.  
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