ANACITY Help Desk: Centralise Complaint Management for Improved Efficiency

Residents in a gated community today expect a high standard of living that includes both infrastructure as well as service delivery. Owner Association and community managers have the onus of maintaining both these aspects. They have to ensure that assets are well-maintained and resident requests and complaints are addressed quickly.

However, managing complaints can be challenging for multi-family OAMs and community managers. ANACITY Help Desk module is designed to resolve these challenges expeditiously and efficiently. With easy-to-follow digital management, it also helps community managers to save costs and ensure the timely delivery of services. 

Challenges in managing resident complaints:

  • Managing tasks across different communities 
  • Prioritising tasks 
  • Tracking progress on complaint resolution
  • Lack of resident feedback
  • Haphazard process to lodge complaints, often leading to the omissions/

Why you need ANACITY Help Desk

Central dashboard: Get an easy overview of complaints and suggestions across different communities in one glance with ANACITY’s central dashboard.

Quick access: Residents can raise complaints or make suggestions at any time or from anywhere with just a click. 

Prioritisation: Complaints can be segregated as per their priority. Residents can mark their request as ‘urgent’, asking for immediate action. 

Tracking progress: All complaints are tracked as in-progress or ‘closed’, allowing both residents and the management to check if the complaint was resolved. 

Escalation matrices: The admin console is equipped with escalation matrices up to three levels that bump up unresolved complaints to a higher supervisory level. This feature is designed to ensure these unaddressed complaints are under supervision. 

Feedback/reopen: Residents can leave feedback if they are dissatisfied with the service provided. They can also choose to reopen the complaint. 

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