Centralise & Optimise with Digital Facility Management

The hallmark of a premium housing community is the availability of facilities like a gym, swimming pool, or sports arenas. Increasingly, these facilities are seen as essential by most residents. Maintaining and running these facilities is, therefore, one of the most important tasks for community managers. 

However, this is not without some unique challenges. For multi-property Owner Association Management (OAM) companies, this is further exacerbated by the scale of their operation. They have to manage facilities across multiple locations and communities. ANACITY offers a highly effective and efficient digital facility management solution, bringing together all operations on one platform. 

Facility management challenges faced by OAMs 

  • Scheduling bookings during peak hours
  • Controlling or blocking access during maintenance work or emergencies 
  • Tracking inventory to ensure accountability and availability
  • Asset management with timely maintenance
  • Communicating usage rules
  • Monetising and invoicing facilities 
  • Get data insight on bookings and usage patterns

The ANACITY Advantage

ANACITY’s centralised digital facility management solution offers the following benefits:

Central dashboard: Instead of running multiple systems for each property, ANACITY  multi-property dashboard offers a single view for all properties on one platform. This makes it easy for property managers to oversee bookings and make any related announcements. 

Digital booking: Residents can book facilities online at any time and anywhere. Other than convenience, it also removes any chances of double bookings. Thus, it removes the chances of any chaos during peak hours.

Controlling access: The module can be configured to dictate access during certain times or to limit the number of users. This allows the OAMs to close down the facilities for a short period or to remove any chances of overcrowding. 

Predictive maintenance: ANACITY digital facility management system maintains the service history and details of all assets. This enables property managers to keep a track of all equipment at different properties. You can further improve asset management by scheduling regular maintenance.

Inventory tracking: ANACITY offers a customisable tracker that you can set up and organise all inventory items under different categories. This allows you to keep track of purchases, consumption, and stock levels. 

Inventory optimisation: Advanced inventory reports can help you understand purchase and consumption patterns. This information can be leveraged to optimise inventory, ensure stock availability, and cut down on over-consumption. It can also be critical in tracing unexplained or unplanned purchases. 

Optimal usage: To ensure proper usage of all equipment and assets, residents must be made aware of the relevant regulations. For instance, pool usage rules must be clearly communicated to all swimmers. These guidelines can be included in the facility reservation module to ensure that residents are kept aware. 

Automated invoicing: The system automatically generates invoices wherever applicable. The invoices are posted to the resident’s account. The automated system saves time and reduces any chance of errors.  
Data insight: You can get valuable data insight through comprehensive reports on booking, revenue and usage. You can use this information to tally consumption, monetise facilities, evaluate the performance of equipment, and take strategic decisions on improving sustainability.

Read more about ANACITY’s digital facility management module here. To know more about ANACITY or to schedule a free demo, mail us at sales@anacity.com or visit www.anacity.com