End-to-End Facility Management with ANACITY

From swimming pools to gyms, squash courts, and clubhouses, today facilities are what sets apart a gated community. Other than foolproof security, the availability of such facilities are seen as the most attractive aspect of living in a gated community. Maintaining these facilities is, hence, critical in ensuring that property managers can continue to deliver a high standard of living.

As a community management software, ANACITY offers an effective and easy-to-use module for facility management. From facility booking to timely maintenance, it allows you to manage all functions through a single dashboard. In addition, it also helps residents to manage their own access.

Facilities in a Gated Community 

Facilities are primarily designed to add to the comfort of the residents living in a gated community. It can range from essential amenities like lifts to less common features like community halls, playgrounds, and swimming pool. However, their regular maintenance can be challenging.

Facility Management with ANACITY

ANACITY leverages a centralised dashboard to enable easy facility management. These benefits include:

Tracking every asset

Keeping track of all the assets in the gated communities can certainly take up your energy, not to mention time. ANACTY offers an easy-to-use solution that streamlines asset tracking. You can create asset groups, maintain the service history, annual maintenance contract (AMC) details, and send automatic reminders for timely servicing.

It also enable you to schedule asset maintenances in the future. Regular maintenance increases the longevity of the assets and can be instrumental in saving repairs costs while minimising wear and tear. It also ensures that you get the most out of your money by enjoying the benefits of a full warranty.

Tracking inventory

Tracking inventory is important to ensure full stock and reduce chances of excessive consumption. With ANACITY, it is easier to organise and categorise inventory items in every gated community. The app also enables you to track the stock levels, consumption patterns, and purchase of existing inventory items. The advanced inventory report offered by ANACITY allows you to optimise the inventory consumption.

Facility Reservation

Facilities that do not require prior booking are likely to crowded during peak time. This can cause irritation and conflict among residents who are forced to wait. ANACITY addresses this challenge through a comprehensive reservation system. Residents can book facilities at designated times on the app. 

By enabling each resident to see busy slots, it removes the chances of crowding. You can further refine the booking system by adding customised fields like charges, booking limitations, and usage rules. It gives the power of reservation to the residents, creating a self-sustaining system that does not need additional supervision. By making information transparent, it also reduces chances of disputes or disagreements.

Accounting Support

With ANACITY you have the liberty to automatically generate invoices and send them to the residents. The app will also help you generate comprehensive reports on facility and inventory usage, revenue, and bookings. You can effortlessly check how every facility is functioning. The app allows you to,

–       Regularly clean and maintain the facilities.

–       Digitally record subscriptions of facilities and collect service charges that require subscribing/paying to use.

–       Prevent misuse or unauthorised usage.

–       Allocate budget for facility maintenance.

–       Fix problems at the earliest.

–       Check the details of pre-booked facilities.

–       Pay and manage outside vendors if there are any.

–       Digitally record bills and income.

The ANACITY app is your one-stop solution for effective facility management. Additionally, the application also offers the best security and accounting solutions, it helps create a private social network for your gated communities through its communication features, residents can raise complaints effortlessly, and the management can receive feedback promptly.

The software is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified, reconfirming our commitment to data security to preserve users’ privacy, meet compliance requirements, and maintain control.

To know more about ANACITY or to schedule a free demo, mail us at sales@anacity.com or visit www.anacity.com