Community Management System & ANACITY – Why do we Need it More than Ever?

When it comes to delivering a high standard of living, gated communities have emerged as the most preferred addresses. These residential areas often come with several amenities including round-the-clock security, parks, swimming pool, wellness facilities, children’s play area and more. Residents’ grievances are addressed immediately and the comfort they experience is unmatched. These are some of the primary reasons why many prefer to purchase properties in a gated community.

However, this is possible only because of efficient property managers who work tirelessly to ensure resident satisfaction. ANACITY offers a SAAS (Software as a Solution)-based community management system that has been designed to meet the various requirements of Owner Association Management (OAM) companies and property managers.

It leverages AI (artificial intelligence) to offer smart solutions to all the administrative functions in a gated community. Using the ANACITY application, Owner Association Management companies can effortlessly manage their gated community.

The software enables the managing committees and the OAM companies to perform a host of actions in the app including reminding residents of due payment via notifications, sharing important notices and messages, and raise invoices. Similarly, the application also allows residents to perform certain actions pertaining to them like paying service charges online, booking facilities, allowing/denying visitors, etc.

Out of all the services and functions mentioned above, the flawless accounting application takes the cake. It offers a hassle-free accounting solution for gated communities and thoroughly eliminates the need for manual intervention. Importantly, ANACITY’s accounting application saves ample time for OAM companies and there is no room for manual error at all.

Legacy accounting software are prone to mistakes and are rarely designed to meet the particular requirements of OAMs. ANACITY’s software is developed exclusively to manage gated communities and their everyday functioning. The application comes with built-in best practices and checks which were developed over the years. This eliminates room for accounting errors. 

Other than accounting, the application comes with host of innovative features to enhance functionality and safety, such as role-based access to certain information. These files are password protected and everything is transparent. This completely prohibits errors and malpractices.

From filing taxes to reviewing transactions, everything can be done in just a click using the ANACITY application. Come yearly auditing, the software can create audit-ready reports based on the information fed. These tech-driven features ease the burden of OAM companies and at the same time, make community-living a convenient and pleasant experience for residents too.

ANACITY’s major modules are Billing & Accounting, Security & Gate Management, Communication & Community Engagement, Helpdesk, Resident Services & Exclusive Offers, and Facility Management.

The primary aim of our software is to provide an unmatched experience to both residents and Home Owner’s Association alike. Apart from enabling seamless management of a gated community, ANACITY’s smart solution can also up the value of the said community. If you would like a free demo of how ANACITY works and would like to take it forward, please visit