How ANACITY can Improve Cost Optimisation for Owner Association Management Companies

As self-sustaining entities, gated communities have to be adept at juggling different financial commitments. For Owner Association Management (OAM) companies this can be further compounded by the challenge of managing multiple properties. Each property’s expenses must be managed from the maintenance and service dues collected from its residents.

Typical expenses can involve salaries, maintenance and repair bills, as well as any new development initiatives. With limited budgets, the emphasis is, therefore, on reducing expenses. This is where ANACITY can play a crucial role. As an apartment management software, it leverages smart solutions to meet the challenges of managing a gated community while optimising resources. This allows OAMs to cut down significantly on costs.

Cutting Costs with ANACITY

An internal study revealed that ANACITY-powered gated communities employed fewer guards than communities that did not use ANACITY. The software also significantly reduced manpower requirement.  

For instance, a smart guard patrol tracking module allows you to check if the guards are performing their duty from anywhere. Under this module, guards have to scan geo-tagged QR codes at strategic points on the patrolling routes. This data can be easily recalled to check their performance, hence, removing any need for onsite supervision.

There are similar automation solutions to drastically cut excess service staff expenses and payments. The application allows communities and OAM companies to do away with excess service staff working round the clock. Automation of functions such as compliant management, billing, and payment allows OAMs to streamline their resource requirements.

Improving Efficiency

Staff efficiency is another key avenue for cost effectiveness. It ensures that our resources have been put to judicious use and reduces the need to hire additional manpower to cover for non-performing staff. Through ANACITY, we can record staff entry, thereby ensuring attendance.

ANACITY also allows OAMs to track performance through ‘Job Card’. Created by the service staff manager, it is one of the means to measure employee efficiency. This mechanism is an important tool in making sure that every staff member performs their function, thereby ensuring optimum productivity.

Inventory & Asset Performance

A major bulk of expenses in any property comes from regular asset management, repair, and maintenance. With ANACITY, property managers have a highly effective tool for tracking inventory, assessing performance and scheduling regular maintenance.

The end-to-end accounting module tracks inventory consumption, allowing property managers to view stock, identify usage areas, lifespan, high consumption patterns, unaccounted inventory, and if there is an unexplained spike in expenditure. This data can be leveraged to plan more judicious usage or to reduce waste.

Another part of reducing asset costs is to extend the lifespan of existing facilities like lifts, fire equipment, electric fittings, and borewells. The Asset Tracker feature in ANACITY maintains service history and details of annual maintenance to ensure that the management can carry out timely services and repairs. This helps in ensuring smooth and extended lifespan for various facilities, thus cutting down on repurchasing.

Budget Optimisation

ANACITY has extensive budgeting tools that can be instrumental in optimising expenses. One of the most powerful features in this regard is the Budget Variance Report. It analyses the difference between the planned budget and the actual spending. Other areas with heavy expenditure can be pinned down through Expense Tracking. These features can help in identifying areas that consistently exceed budgetary outlays. The management can use the data to put a cap on expenditure.

With ANACITY, OAM companies can save up to 32% and generate more profit. Since the software also saves ample time and every action can be performed in a click, management companies have the opportunity to expeditiously manage more gated communities. 

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