What is Owners’ Association Management and How ANACITY Assists Them

Gated communities are known for the high quality of life that they offer residents. However, few realise that this is largely due to the hard work of property managers. Primarily, this responsibility lies with Owners Association which is a non-profit body comprising the unit owners of a jointly-owned property. Today, most OAs assign this responsibility to a third party, Owners’ Association Management (OAM) bodies.

ANACITY is a community management software solution that is designed to assist OAMs in discharging their duties. With a multi-property dashboard, it offers a single platform to streamline their functions, significantly improving overall efficiency and resource optimisation.

Role of OAMs

The main role of the OA is to manage the common areas of the property. In practice, they are responsible for the end-to-end management of a residential complex. This can include enforcing community or building regulations and rules, maintenance and upkeep of the property, and ensuring security. 

However, association members also have personal responsibilities that can include a full-time job and families. They can’t attend to the needs of the community 24/7 and negligence can cause chaos in a gated community. It can also invite penalties and other legal consequences. As experts in managing larger gated communities, OAMs play the critical role in filling the gap. 

When a gated community is built, the buyers usually form the community and get in touch with the builder. The property developers bring in OAMs. Typically, a suitable company is selected via a bidding process. The chosen OAM takes over the task of managing the gated community from the OA. 

This can include creating and enforcing certain rules to meet the applicable jurisdiction.  These rules are determined in the CC&Rs – Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. 

OAMs hence, manage the entire property, handle the finance and the security. A property will dilapidate over time. To maintain it and make sure it’s in good condition, financial commitments have to be made by the entire community to take care of the maintenance expenses. This is in addition to electricity, water, and maintenance bills.

How ANACITY Plays a Critical Role

As specialists in property management, most leading OAMs manage multiple properties. Apart from the usual challenges of managing a property, they must also be adept at juggling the requirements of different communities. Typically, legacy systems relied on multiple systems to execute these tasks.

ANACITY is a game changing software that is designed to address these challenges, facilitating OAMs in efficiently managing smaller and larger gated communities. It allows them to coordinate and execute their tasks through a single platform, saving both time and effort.

It has several cutting-edge modules that have been developed to meet the specific requirements in property management. The application helps in strengthening security, employing smarter gate and visitor management, managing complaints and inventory, online booking of the building amenities and facilities as well as handle all accounting and billing requirements. The residents can also communicate with each other on the platform.

Ultimately, ANACITY helps in streamlining the tasks of the OAM, improving the overall efficiency while reducing the cost and effort of managing multiple properties.

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