ANACITY’S Visitor Management Software – a game-changer

In the last few years, gated communities have rapidly gained popularity as the preferred address for families. Comforts and amenities are only a part of the larger picture. The main reason behind this shift in paradigm is the security offered by these residential complexes. This primary advantage makes a gated community appealing for millennials and the elderly alike. 

ANACITY offers a state-of-the-art app-based visitor management system that allows residents to approve visitors and records visitor data as they enter and leave the complex. The details recorded are completely secure and can only be accessed by authorised personnel. As a digital system, ANACITY’s security module offers a sustainable alternative with optimal resource utilisation.

What Makes ANACITY Special?

With ANACITY’S app-based visitor management software, residents get real-time updates of their visitor on their phone. They can track house help, delivery agents, and guests within premises. They can also pre-approve or pre-register visitors whereby they can ratify guest entry in advance or register regular visitors like a domestic help and driver. Apart from increasing efficiency, it also eases the security personnel’s burden.

The software is designed to records every detail of the visitors, including name, photo, vehicle number, email address (if applicable), time of entry, and exit. With role-based access, this information is securely stored and only available to authorised personnel.  

More importantly, this data is stored on the cloud. Unlike legacy systems that relied on paper records, this digital data can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere. This allows one to track attendance of household or admin staff.

Along with the Security & Gate Management module, ANACITY also provides Billing & Accounting, Resident Services, Facility Management, Helpdesk, and Communication & Community Engagement. We have over 11 years of experience in community management and since our inception, we have offered our solutions to over 6000 gated communities and 600K households across 80+ cities.

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