Why You Need SaaS-Based Community Management Solution

For Owners Association Management (OAM) companies, managing multiple properties has always been an operational challenge. Managers must be adept at juggling the unique requirements of each property at the same time. OAMs have traditionally used multiple tools to manage different functions, a system that is clearly inefficient. Apart from taking excessive time, it also ends up in needless duplication of work.

SaaS-based community management software solutions like ANACITY were developed to address these challenges. It offers a multi-property dashboard that brings together all functions on one platform, allowing OAMs to manage all their tasks in one go. With end-to-end solutions, it includes all necessary functions, from accounting to payments, complaint resolution, communication, and visitor management.  

What is a SaaS-based community management solution?

A SaaS-based community management solution leverages technology to resolve the challenges faced by OAMs and property managers while improving their efficiency. It utilises a cloud-based software to deliver services for the end user who can be a property manager or a resident. 

ANACITY is hosted at a Top Tier Data Center with a highly secure server environment. As a SaaS-based solution, it offers a society ERP to manage the daily activities of property managers, from accounting to complaint resolution to communications. 

Benefits of a SaaS-based ERP solution

Manage multiple properties: ANACITY’s multi-property dashboard provides managers a centralised access to different communities. This allows them to execute their tasks through a single platform, saving both time and effort.

Budget optimisation: Get instant access to financial reports like budget variance report and expense tracker to trace every expenditure. This can help managers to identify where actual expenses are exceeding the planned outlay. 

Optimise resource allocation: Improve resource utilisation by automating many of the daily functions such as visitor management and invoice collection. The automation saves time while reducing chances of errors and mistakes. 

Asset management: With multiple properties to manage, it can be challenging to keep track of various assets. With ANACITY, track asset performance, maintain service history and AMC details, automate a maintenance schedule, and receive timely notifications whenever service is due. The software also allows inventory tracking so that the management can keep a tab of inventory purchase and consumption. 

Facility management: With a convenient app-based reservation module, residents can book required slots at their gym, swimming pool, or playing areas.  

Improve security: ANACITY’s automated Visitor Management System improves security by ensuring that only authorised guests can gain entry. Residents can also pre-authorise guests and deliveries to save time. This module includes Guard Patrol Tracking, an innovative feature that is designed to trace patrolling guards. The system is designed to issue timely alerts in case of violations. 

Speedy complaint resolution: The app allows residents to raise complaints for regular repair or maintenance. Unaddressed issues are auto-escalated to ensure timely resolution. 

Online payments: Managers can effectively reduce accounting work by more than 80% by eliminating manual entries and automatically reconciling payment entries.  

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