Why Communication is Important for a Community

For Owner Association Management (OAM) companies and property managers, communication holds the key to managing multiple properties. Other than communicating important messages, communication forms a critical part of coordinating various activities and initiatives. In communities with people from different professions, backgrounds, and cultures, it can also be essential in smoothing over differences in opinions and perspectives. 

One of the biggest strengths of ANACITY is the multi-property dashboard with its centralised communication module. Where OAMs previously depended on text messages, notices or emails to disseminate important information, the digital platform consolidates every critical piece of data in one place, creating a central repository and distribution centre. This centralisation is not just important in sending out important notices, it also streamlines critical administrative tasks. 

A Centralised Communication Platform

Traditionally, OAMs stored information in silos. Messages and mails were sent in an ad hoc manner through multiple channels. It was an inefficient method as it often resulted in the repetition of tasks. In addition, circulation and storage of critical information were often found to be challenging. These legacy systems rarely accounted for resident feedback or viewed communication as a vital administrative tool.

In contrast, ANACITY puts efficient communication at the front and centre of property management by leveraging it as an important management module. Apart from providing a common platform to circulate important notices or messages, it also facilitates continual community engagement. 

Centralised Communication as an Administrative Tool

For OAMs, centralised communication is a critical tool when administering multiple properties. Here are just some benefits that ANACITY offers through its communication module:

  • Broadcasting key messages and notices to multiple properties in one go. 
  • Streamlining distribution by reducing effort and time. 
  • Creating a repository of important reports, documents, newsletters, and articles.
  • Distribute notices with attachments via multiple mediums. 
  • Gather resident feedback through surveys and polls. 

Case study: These tools are especially important when carrying out an administrative initiative or campaign, such as enforcing COVID-safety measures. Communication played a critical tool in informing residents of policies, keeping them abreast of new cases, and any change in guidelines. ANACITY’s stellar support during the pandemic also showed the importance of communication in managing a health emergency with the full support of residents. 

As we move towards more people-centric community management, communication will hold the key to bringing together people, gathering support, and ensuring that residents feel a sense of inclusion. ANACITY’s comprehensive communication module can play a critical role by facilitating and bringing together automation, engagement, and property management on one platform. 

If you want to know more about our Communication module, please write to us at sales@anacity.com