Benefits of Mollak Integrated Owner Association

You know ANACITY simplifies, streamlines, and automates your gated communities’ operations, and that the app is highly intuitive, thanks to the smart deployment of advanced tech; but, did you also know ANACITY is one of the very few apps in Dubai that has been integrated with Mollak?

Before we divulge further into the benefits of a Mollak-integrated community management app, what is Mollak?

Mollak is a smart system introduced by the Dubai Land Department’s RERA. 

The OAM (Owner Association Management) companies submit their budget of the OA through Mollak and also, their budget is approved via this smart system.

Similarly, once the budget is approved and the service charge rates are determined, the invoices are raised through Mollak directly.

To further extend the feature-rich capabilities of the Mollak System and for the convenience of owners and community managers, ANACITY is integrated with Mollak to provide an end-to-end fully automated flow of data between the two systems.

Now, when we say ANACITY is integrated with the Mollak system, what does it mean to the OAMs and residents? Below, we are detailing the core benefits of this integration.

Access to budget information

Through ANACITY, Management can effortlessly fetch the budget information they need that is approved in the Mollak. With this, the community managers can have real-time information on Budget vs Actual expenses and hence it helps them keep the expenses in check with budget value.

Keep up to date with the Ownership change

When there is a change in Ownership for any unit in a community, the title deed is transferred to the new owner’s name and this transfer is recorded on the Mollak system.

However, OAMs or the admin is unlikely to be aware of the change of ownership. The Mollak integration allows the admin to view the ownership details effortlessly via ANACITY.

Likewise, Ejari – which is the details and documents related to the tenants, and the change of owner details such as change of email address, phone number, etc can also be pulled from this integrated system.

Importation of Service Charge invoices

Every quarter, service charges are generated in Mollak and are sent to owners. ANACITY imports these latest invoices, making them readily available for both the Admin and residents on the app and web portal.

Updation of the statement of accounts for every unit is automated in the ANACITY app and this importation of Mollak invoices is a part of the SOA.

Generation of receipts

Like ANACITY, owners can pay the service charges using Mollak. The receipts generated by Mollak are auto-synced with ANACITY by making the accounting entries and the SOAs up-to-date in the latter.

Owners can also make payments through ANACITY since their units’ invoices generated by Mollak are available in the app. And since both the systems are in sync, the payments and receipt will also reflect in Mollak.

Apart from budget approvals, service charge invoices, title deed transfer, updates on owner and tenant details, and receipt generation, Mollak offers a lot of other features related to the Owner’s Association. To ensure convenience to both Community Managers and residents, ANACITY strives to integrate and incorporate all the features with Mollak. From accounting solutions to an inbuilt facility reservation system, we offer a plethora of features tailor-made for gated communities.

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