How ANACITY helps improve facility management with eFeedback

Facility management (FM) is primarily concerned with the maintenance, care, and efficient operation of commercial areas, including office complexes, warehouses, or coworking areas. It can impact cost optimisation, employee satisfaction, and productivity. 

Feedback plays a crucial role in the realm of facility management, serving as a vital tool for continuous improvement. It ensures that managers do not become complacent and fail to meet tenant expectations. 

eFeedback with ANACITY Business 

The app-based feedback system in ANACITY Business leverages QR technology. Each asset and facility is assigned a QR code. Users have to scan the code to leave their comments. Thus, it offers facility managers a medium to collect and store data. 

User comments and opinions can be analysed for underlying issues and patterns. This information offers FM teams a crucial roadmap to improve their services.

Benefits of facility management eFeedback 

ANACITY Business offers many advantages that make it superior to usual feedback methods. These include: 

Continuous: eFeedback is a permanent system, unlike traditional methods like surveys and interviews which are usually one-time activities. It is also independent of any special campaign. 

Make informed decisions: Feedback data gives managers an important insight into user perspective. This is a significant factor in improving decision-making and resource allocation. 

Target visitors: Typical feedback mediums, such as emails and paper forms, do not target visitors. This gap fails to identify and address visitors’ perspectives. With eFeedback, visitors can also leave comments by scanning the asset or facility QR code. 

Digital records: A feedback system with over-reliance on paperwork is susceptible to loss and damage. Digital records are tamper-proof and less prone to damage.  

Optimise services: User feedback is an important metric for tracking the performance of managers and service staff who are responsible for facility upkeep. It helps FM teams to prioritise repairs, maintenance and other activities.  

Facilitates analyses: eFeedback is a digital system that aids data analyses with clear data categorisation and actionable insight. Facility managers can identify amenities that see frequent negative comments. 

Meeting tenant expectations: A constant loop of feedback ensures that FM teams are cognizant of tenant expectations and do not fall into the trap of complacency. For instance, the washroom may be clean and functional, but is that enough for tenant office employees and visitors? Do they prefer paper towels over an automatic dryer? eFeedback helps facility managers gain insight into tenant preferences.  

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