How Technology is Driving Change in Community Management

Managing a gated community can be challenging, involving the efficient utilisation of resources, timely maintenance, vendor management, invoicing, and billing. In Dubai, the onus of community management often falls on Owner Association Management (OAM) services that manage multiple properties. 

Till recently, these tasks were largely managed through legacy systems that were highly inefficient, wasteful, and often fell short of meeting the desired objective of enhancing the living experience for residents. Technology has changed the game with community management solutions like ANACITY revolutionising the industry. It has taken the lead in empowering communities, bringing next-gen solutions to enhance the residential experience in gated communities. 

Technology in community management 

Let’s explore the next-gen technology that is revolutionising community living in the GCC region:

Data and analytics

ANACITY is a highly valuable data repository for community managers. They can extract critical information such as expense reports, facility usage, and visitor entry. This information can be valuable in driving efficiency, financial discipline, and meeting resident expectations. 

Customising solutions

With ANACITY Whitelabel solutions, builders and developers can customise their offerings. Users can set preferences, thus personalising solutions, improving user experience, and engagement. 

Collaboration and connectivity 

Tech platforms like ANACITY are powerful collaboration tools. With no member limit, ANACITY effectively brings together all residents of a gated community on one platform. People can reach out to others, form common interest groups, and seek help. At the same time, it simplifies community management by facilitating communication. Community managers can gather opinions and consensus from the residents on various policies and measures. 

Financial planning & discipline

With limited sources of revenue, financial discipline is a key concern for every OAM. ANACITY facilitates financial management through its budgeting and expense-tracking tools. Community managers can create a realistic budget, track expenses, and ensure more stringent compliance.  


As the government ropes in community management tech platforms like ANACITY, technology has become critical in driving transparency and compliance. Tech platforms simplify compliance, creating a framework that is tamper-proof, easy to trace and record. 

For instance, as a Mollak-integrated platform, ANACITY allows owners and residents to pay their service charges and receive receipts. At the same time, OAMs can leverage ANACITY for invoicing service charges, submit their budget, and update ownership data. Find out more with our article Benefits of Mollak Integrated Owner Association.

Facility & asset management

The main task of a community manager is to ensure optimal asset performance and well-run facilities. This can be challenging, especially for OAMs that manage multiple communities. Technology in the form of ANACITY’s central dashboard allows managers to get an overview with just a glance as well as gain a more in-depth insight. 

They can regulate access to facilities, schedule maintenance activities, and track service history. It also allows residents to book facilities and register complaints. Thus, it is a powerful maintenance tool. Find out more in our article What is Predictive Maintenance & how ANACITY Helps

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