IRECMS Dubai 2024: ANACITY wins Most Innovative Initiative of the Year

Innovation is the lifeblood of a Proptech platform. It shows the ability to stay ahead of the curve, anticipate emerging demands, and evolve with multi-layered capabilities. ANACITY’s consistent approach towards innovation ensured that it emerged as the firm favourite at the recently held IRECMS Dubai 2024, winning the GOLD award for Most Innovative Initiative of the Year. 

Most Innovative Initiative of the Year

ANACITY won the jury vote for the Most Innovative Initiative of the Year for two key integrations:

  • IoT Access Controls ​
  • Powering a white label portfolio through Oracle integration​​

The two integrations have been crucial in ensuring that the platform was able to quickly adapt to a changing environment. The IoT-based access controls were crucial to further empower Smart Visitor Management in communities. The white label client’s international portfolio required us to meet the client’s demand for integrating their existing Oracle software on the platform. 

IoT access controls 

In the last few months, ANACITY took up two important innovations in IoT-based access: Apple         Watch guest approvals and Tap & Pass. 

Apple Watch guest approvals

Users have to digitally approve their walk-in visitors in a digital Visitor Management System on their phone. Only approved guests, workers, staff, or delivery people are allowed entry. With the Apple Watch integration, users can approve or disapprove entries on their smart watch.

This has the following benefits:

  • Convenience of visitor approvals without access to your smart phone​
  • Access control even when phone is charging​
  • Access control when on drive mode​
  • Dual mode of approving visitors through phone & smartwatch​
  • Easy solution for senior citizens​

Tap & Pass

The Tap & Pass module disrupts the manual access card operations at turnstiles and flap barriers. Entry is granted by tapping the mobile screen with the appropriate QR code against the designated access nodes. It can also be deployed at gates, elevators, clubhouses, or any other place with restricted access. The Tap & Pass module addresses many of the gaps in a manual system, including inefficient registration of guests and relying on manual processes for visitor management. 

Oracle integration for white label client portfolio 

Our white label client was looking for Oracle integration in their community management software in India. The client used Oracle for certain backend processes such as billing and accounting. They were looking to integrate Oracle’s backend function with ANACITY’s frontend, resident-facing app. 

Thus, the residents can check their payment history, and receive invoices and receipts on the ANACITY app while the community managers continue on the Oracle backend without any disruptions. The transition was handled flawlessly while ensuring constant coordination between ANACITY, the client, and the Oracle teams. 

Apart from data migration, scalability, and smooth rollout were a prime concern. These issues were resolved by sticking to a pre-determined blueprint that relied on our established track record for seamless transitions.

To understand why we were selected for the Most Innovative Initiative of the Year, explore the full potential of our integration capabilities and revolutionise your property management journey. Contact us at support@apnacomeplex or call 80886 11229.