Workplace Automation: 5 Key Benefits for Admins

The sweeping influence of workplace automation, driven by advancements in IoT, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge robotics, is rapidly reshaping workplace management. As embedded technology becomes increasingly prevalent, automation is a pivotal tool for enhancing efficiency and productivity across organizations.

ANACITY Business emerges as a crucial ally in the pursuit of operational excellence. The app-based platform offers a suite of features designed to streamline administrative processes, automate routine tasks and empower administrators with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

The Evolution of Workplace Automation

Workplace automation revolves around leveraging technology to perform tasks traditionally executed by humans. Contrary to doomsday predictions of robots replacing the workforce, automation is fostering collaboration, helping bridge productivity gaps, optimising operational processes, and enhancing workspace conditions with a focus on accountability.

In addition to the inherent values mentioned above, the rapid proliferation of workplace automation owes itself to recent breakthroughs in key components, including software, mechanics, and sensors.

Advantages of workplace automation for admins

Improving efficiency

ANACITY Business significantly elevates administrative efficiency by automating routine tasks such as tracking guest entries, managing visitor approvals, monitoring attendance, and booking facilities like meeting rooms. Through the ANACITY Business app, admins can automate these processes, saving time and effort while reducing the likelihood of human error, ultimately creating a more accountable system.

Streamlined communication

ANACITY Business addresses the challenge of intra-office communication in large workplaces. Admins can utilise multiple communication tools within the app to facilitate seamless interaction among different offices. The communication module allows for targeted messaging, sending notices for essential information, and conducting polls, and surveys to gauge popular opinion.

Optimized asset management

ANACITY Business simplifies asset management through its Asset Tracker function under the Facility Management module. This feature enables facility managers to consolidate service history and AMC details in one accessible location. Admins can establish maintenance schedules and receive reminder notifications when a service is due. This ensures timely servicing and maintenance of assets.

Informed decision making

ANACITY Business harnesses workplace automation to collect and analyse data. This includes information related to facilities, assets, maintenance, as well as operational costs.  

This valuable information empowers organisations to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and adapt to changing circumstances. For instance, admins can track asset performance and depreciation. Maintenance costs give them insight into the true cost of running facilities. 

Embracing workplace automation with ANACITY Business can significantly improve administrative efficiency in workplace community automation and tenant management. If you want to know more about ANACITY Business, get in touch with us at or visit