Next in Proptech: Connecting People on Hyperlocal Platforms

How well do we know our neighbours? From a fiercely tribal people who valued community above all else, the modern UAE inhabitant today has become increasingly individualistic. While this may have served our individual development, it has come at the cost of our sense of belonging to a larger community. 

In a multi-racial and multicultural society like Dubai, it can also lead to lack of cohesiveness among different communities as people tend to stick to their own groups. In this context, gated communities can be valuable in fostering interpersonal relationships. However, this rarely happens as our urban isolation continues even within these geographic boundaries. 

Modern technology in the form of community management apps like ANACITY can change the status quo, bringing together people on a common platform. While the property manager may use it as a vital communication tool, in the hands of the resident it can act as a means to reach out to their neighbours and share important information.

Communication as a management tool

Communication is one of the cornerstones of community management. It is leveraged by property managers to inform residents of key decisions, policies, or events. It can help property managers to keep residents informed of any developments while ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

Communication is also important in removing any disagreements or conflicts that can arise from company decisions. It ensures a more collaborative approach where the residents can have an avenue to voice their opinion or to reach out to the property manager for any clarity. Surveys and polls 

Apartment management apps like ANACITY have replaced the notice board and emails as the main mode of communication. It allows property managers to disperse important information across multiple properties in one go, thus creating an easily accessible and uber-efficient mode of communication. But what managers often overlook is the community side of digital solutions. In a very real sense, ANACITY gives residents the power to drive connections and create interpersonal engagements.

Promoting community engagement  

How can a community management app double up as a social engagement tool and what makes it so effective? The answer lies in high adoption rates combined with handy communication tools. Community management apps like ANACITY have a high adoption rate in partnering communities where residents use it for purposes like booking facilities or making payments. 

But these apps are also a powerful tool for community integration and involvement. In the hands of residents, it can double up as a social media platform with no limitations on the number of members. Residents use the different forums and chat groups to reach out to other people, find information, organise events, and stay abreast of developments. 

They can also form special groups and forums which allows residents to connect beyond a superficial level and find like-minded people. For example, they can form a book club, pet club or organise events. As a communication medium it brings together all the people on one platform, hence allowing them to connect with each other.  

While modules like gate or facility management have obvious benefits, the ANACITY communication module is designed to deepen the residents’ sense of belonging and promote people-to-people engagement. This has far-reaching implications as it creates a more harmonious and pleasant environment. More engaged residents are also more likely to adapt to changes and ensure well-maintained premises. So, it can be beneficial from a management perspective as well. 

For community management solution providers, this people-driven approach is the next phase of building smart communities. Under this approach community management apps not only act as an OAM interface but also double up as a hyperlocal social media platform. As ANACITY has shown, this can ultimately benefit managers in meeting their ultimate objective of creating a better standard of living with a strong sense of community.