11 Things to Expect from a Community Management Software 

Community management can be complicated, especially for community managers who are responsible for multiple properties. Technology has taken the lead in simplifying processes. Today, digital solutions like ANACITY are helping streamline regular functions to improve transparency, functioning, and cost efficiency. 

Consequently, OAMs and community managers are now increasingly adopting community management solutions. While legacy systems relied on piecemeal solutions like accounting, full-stack community management software offers community managers a single platform for all their needs. 

But with different choices available in the market today, what do you look for? What are the essential qualities that every community manager needs?

Multi-property dashboard

OAMs are responsible for managing multiple communities. This can mean juggling between different solutions and different platforms. ANACITY offers an all-inclusive multi-property dashboard. It enables you to generate reports, view requests and feedback, and communicate with residents in different communities from a single platform. Thus, it significantly reduces the time and effort of managing multiple properties. 

Simple User Interface 

Both the app and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software should be easy to use. This is necessary because it is utilised by people from different backgrounds, ages, and education levels – from the guards to apartment managers, and residents. One should not need any technical knowledge to utilise the app.

Single platform

Legacy systems relied on different solutions for functions like gate management and accounting. This often led to a waste of time, mismanagement and lack of coordination. ANACITY’s community management software combines different functions, from accounting to asset tracking, on one platform. Thus, it enables ease of scrutiny and supervision, while facilitating coordination.   

Real-time visibility

To be effective, the ERP solution should enable real-time visibility of notifications, financial reports, complaints and other miscellaneous records. Apart from enhanced efficiency, real-time visibility also ensures quick communication, transparency, and supervision. The complete visibility of data can benefit different key functions. 

Real-time complaint tracking

One of the biggest requirements for any OAM is efficient complaint resolution. An effective solution should allow residents to register complaints with ease. At the same time, the community manager should be able to track its resolution. With ANACITY, residents can register complaints and requests on the app and track its progress. They can also leave feedback. 

The ERP has a 3-level escalation matrix where unaddressed complaints are automatically bumped to the next person in the chain of command. It improves oversight and ensures that complaints are resolved on time. Read our article here to know more about the ANACITY Helpdesk module. 

Visitor management system

Visitor management is one of the most important requirements for community managers. As a key part of security, an ideal Visitor Management System (VMS) should keep a track of each visitor. 

ANACITY is a digital VMS that keeps track of all visitors, including staff and deliveries with real-time notifications to residents. Other features include pre-authorisation and entry logs for visitors. It also helps in strengthening security through geo-tagged QR-based guard patrol trackers. You can read more about ANACITY’s VMS here

Accounting & Billing

With a high number of units, numerous expenses, and compliance requirements, accounting and billing is one of the most challenging tasks for OAMs. Alongwith automated billing and collections, ANACITY’s financial management module creates a smart ecosystem that further facilitates budgeting and expense tracking. Learn more about ANACITY’s automated expense tracking here. Community managers have ready access to financial reports that helps them to keep track of revenues, expenses, and defaulting members. Read this article to learn how ANACITY can help in cutting costs and raising efficiency. 

Effective communication

One of the challenges in managing multiple communities is effective communication. The information must be dispensed quickly and must reach every resident in time. Critical information can include a wide range of spectrum, from default in payments to delay in picking up garbage. ANACITY’s community management software offers multiple avenues of communication, from community forums to notifications. These are designed to reach residents quickly and effectively. The central dashboard also resolves the inefficiency of communicating across different communities. 

Asset management 

Asset management is crucial for any community manager. Apart from ensuring that all equipment and facilities are working optimally, it is also key in reducing asset downtime. ANACITY asset tracker allows managers to view service and maintenance history. QR-based tagging on assets on assets further facilitates easy access of their service history.

Facility management

Facilities like the gym and swimming pool are seen as essential by residents. Apart from facilitating their repair and maintenance, ANACITY also offers digital facility reservation. This allows residents to book any facility on the app without any human intervention. This reduces the chances of double booking. It can also help managers to restrict access when required. In addition, an inventory tracker keeps a tab of the stock, flagging any shortages. Find out more about the benefits of ANACITY’s centralised facility reservation system here. For more information, read this article on the end-to-end facility management module. 

Feedback, support, & training 

Training is an important step when onboarding the platform. Every manager must be trained to understand and use the software’s full potential. It must also remain dynamic and responsive to the OAM’s requirements through constant feedback. ANACITY has been continually developing based on self evaluation and user feedback. To ensure full functionality, the modules are flexible to accommodate every community’s requirements. It is the only app that allows front-end customisation by users.

There is little doubt that an all-inclusive community management software can enable the smooth functioning of the community manager. It improves performance, ensuring transparency, and cutting down on costs. But before you make a decision to onboard software, make sure it offers the above benefits.