The Role of Technology in Enhancing OAM Efficiency

Like every field, technology has also improved the efficiency of Owner Association Management (OAM) companies. With thousands of units under management, OAM operations can range from preparing budget reports to sending urgent notices to residents. 

Community management solutions like ANACITY leverage technology to streamline these tasks, improving OAM efficiency and efficacy.  

Enhancing OAM Efficiency

ANACITY is designed in collaboration with community managers. It addresses common challenges faced by OAMs while improving their operational efficiency.

Consolidation of tasks

With ANACITY, OAMs can manage all tasks from one platform instead of juggling between different solutions and tools. This significantly reduces the wastage of time and effort. 

Centralised view

The ANACITY central dashboard offers a centralised view, making it easy for managers to switch between communities. They can track complaints, broadcast messages, and get instant access to different reports. In addition, it facilitates oversight and strengthens supervision.

Visitor management

ANACITY replaces the old module of calling up residents for approval with a digital gate pass. Thus, it saves time for both guards and residents. Residents can also pre-approve visitors, including guests, delivery people, and domestic staff. This aids OAM efficiency and saves time for both the residents and guests. Read our article on ANACITY’S Visitor Management Software – a game-changer.

Automated accounting

Managing community accounts is one of the biggest challenges for managers. ANACITY automates many of these functions, including the generation of service charge invoices, auto-calculate late charges, setting up a recurring schedule, sending reminders to defaulting residents, and reconciling payments. 

They can also get instant access to critical financial reports, including balance sheets and expense reports. As a Mollak-integrated platform, it also expedites budget planning and approval. Read more about ANACITY’s automated expense tracking.

Instant collections

Collection of service charges can be time-consuming. ANACITY expedites the process by auto-calculating late charges, sending reminders, and ensuring timely collections. Online collections are efficient and allow residents to pay from anywhere. 

Quick communication

Sending important notices and messages to each individual resident can be time-consuming. With ANACITY they can leverage the central dashboard to broadcast messages to all communities in one go. Other than assured visibility, it also faecilitates OAM efficiency by drastically cutting down on their effort and time. Read more about centralised communication as an administrative tool.

Asset view

Asset management is important to ensure that all equipment is running smoothly and repairs are minimised. It ensures asset longevity and reduces maintenance costs. ANACITY offers instant access to asset history with just a QR scan. Managers can also set up a maintenance schedule with reminders before every service.

Facility management

Legacy facility management systems were often very inefficient with almost no means of booking for facilities. ANACITY makes facility management super-efficient, allowing residents to book facilities like swimming pools or tennis courts from the app with just a click. 

In the case of paid facilities, the app allows residents to pay when booking, thus saving the managers from following up. Community managers can leverage ANACTY to regulate reservations and carry out preventive maintenance. Read more about how ANACITY can Centralise & Optimise Facility Management. Also read End-to-End Facility Management with ANACITY.

Complaint management

With ANACITY, residents can register their complaints on the app instead of relying on calling the manager. They can also check its progress and leave feedback. From a managerial perspective, the digitalisation is critical for OAM efficiency. It allows managers to follow up on all complaints, automatically bump unaddressed issues to a higher supervisory level, and check feedback. Read our article ANACITY Help Desk: Centralise Complaint Management for Improved Efficiency to know more.

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