Picking White Label Solutions for Digitising Community Management: A Brief Guide

The Dubai government has been on a rapid digitization drive over the last decade. As a key sector, real estate has been one of the focus areas with end-to-end digitization of payments and data records. The automation of gated community management is the last frontier in this endeavor, ensuring the last-mile connectivity of each household in a Digital Dubai. 

It has also pushed developers and Owner Association Management companies to rapidly digitise their community management systems. However, given their lack of digital expertise, they understandably struggle with the digital management of their entire community portfolio. White label solutions from ANACITY are designed to bridge this gap, offering time-tested solutions under the developer or OA brand. 

Find out more in our article ANACITY White Label Solutions: 360° Digital Transformation for Your Brand. Described below is a brief guide to picking the most suitable solution for your brand.

How to pick a white label solution?

A white label solution should offer the following: 

Operational features

These include accounting, billing, communication, facility & asset management. These are the essential features of any community management automation platform. In addition, the platform should be open for Mollak integration for accounting and information-recording purposes. 

Customization capabilities

A white label software will include readymade solutions. However, leading providers like ANACITY also offer customization to meet unique requirements. A robust customization capability ensures that the platform can be tailored to fit different community management companies’ specific requirements.

ANACITY white label solutions are tailor-made to offer a unique user interface with customizable features. The platform is open to integrations, allowing diverse digital solutions. These can include payment gateways, biometric ID, and RFID/ANPR-based vehicle barriers. 

Scalability & performance

The automation systems must accommodate your growth and be capable of handling a growing number of users and data. It should offer scalability without compromising on performance. ANACITY has demonstrated its ability to handle increased data loads, user traffic, and additional functionalities without experiencing significant downtime or performance issues.

Security & data privacy

Every community automation platform deals with sensitive data that includes personal information, communication logs, and financial records. ANACITY ensures end-to-end encryption to ensure data security. Read more about our privacy policy. ANACITY is ApnaComplex is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified. Find out how this certification enhances your data security

Integration & compatibility

Why do you need third-party software integration when you have a white label? The answer lies with your requirements. You may want to continue the existing accounting system for both convenience and ease. Or you may want to integrate cutting-edge capabilities, such as IoT-based security. 

ANACITY offers robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that support industry-standard integration protocols. It ensures that different requirements can be accommodated without any disruptions.  

Reliability & support

Reliability is crucial in community automation as any downtime can disrupt essential operations. ANACITY is backed by reliable hosting and support services with regular updates and bug fixes. The 24/7 technical support team ensures seamless community operations and swift resolution of issues.

Industry experience

With more than 13 years in the industry, ANACITY has been enriched by its interaction with leading developers, builders, facility managers, Resident Owner Associations, Management Committees and residents. It gives us a unique insight into the challenges faced by developers, OAs, and facility managers.

If you want to know more about ANACITY white label solutions or to schedule a free demo, contact us at sales@anacity.com or visit www.anacity.com.