Eid Celebrations: Community and Visitor Management with ANACITY

With Eid approaching, it is time to celebrate with family and friends. This is the time of the year when we see heavy traffic in and out of the gated communities. Friends and relatives may drop by. Food and other groceries are ordered as families come together over feasts. This means increased traffic in and out of the community. 

ANACITY offers a comprehensive community and visitor management system that is designed to help OAMs (Owners Association Management) and facility managers to streamline and execute their functions. As a digital system, it is more reliable than legacy systems that rely on paper records and registers. 

Why do facility managers need Community and Visitor Management?

Security and community coordination are two of the main concerns for facility managers when organising events. On the one hand, visitor footfalls increase during such times. At the same time, festivals are also a good time to bring together all residents for one joyous occasion. ANACITY offers an all-inclusive solution that addresses both these challenges.

Managing Eid visitors

ANACITY offers an app-based gate management solution that allows residents to approve visitors and record all entry and exit data. You can learn more about it in our article here. Facility managers can leverage ANACITY to:

Keep track of deliveries: Know which unit the delivery person will be visiting. Keep a record of their ID and contact information.  

Approve guest entry: Send notifications and ensure that only guests with proper approval can enter the society. Keep a digital record of each entry. These can later be retrieved instantly when required. 

Safe records: Compared to a legacy system, digital entry and exit records are safer and more reliable. These cannot be physically damaged or lost by negligence or theft. The data is almost instantly accessible. It is also less likely to be marred by human errors in filing data. 

Tracking goods: Festivals are the time for gift-giving. But make sure that goods carried out of the community are approved through a Gatepass. Checking at the gate removes any chances of theft.  

Smooth entry: With a pre-approved digital Gatepass, we can make sure that guest entry is smooth with minimal delays. Apart from a positive experience for the visitors, it ensures that there is no unwanted crowd at the gate. 

Tighten security: Digital records of data along with tracking of every entry and exit ensures that security is foolproof. It makes sure that only approved visitors can enter the premises. In addition, ANACITY visitor management also includes guard patrol tracking whereby a facility manager can check if the guard is following the assigned route. With real-time alerts on any violations, the manager can take instant corrective action. 

Managing the community

Eid is one of the most important dates on our calendars. Celebrations at such occasions foster community spirit, bringing together different residents. ANACITY can help facility managers organise events in the following ways:

  • Inform residents by posting online notices
  • Create forums for planning and executing events
  • Take the opinion of residents by inviting suggestions
  • Track resident collections, issue receipts, and keep account of payments

Learn more about community management with ANACITY in our article here.

To know more about ANACITY community and visitor management modules, you can schedule a free demo. You can reach us at sales@anacity.com.