6 Key Challenges Facing OAM Industry in Dubai and How to Overcome Them

The Owner Association Management (OAM) industry evolved in response to increasing demand for well-managed residential spaces. OAMs work closely with residents to ensure the smooth running of facilities and amenities. But this can be easier said than done. OAM challenges can be multi-faceted and result in inefficient use of resources.

Managing a single property can be challenging. For OAMs this is further compounded by the scale of their operations. Fortunately, technology holds the key to resolving these challenges. ANACITY offers a tech-first Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is specifically designed for community management. Developed in close collaboration with community managers, it offers easy-to-adopt solutions for their unique issues. 

OAM Challenges & solutions

OAMs face multi-faceted challenges in managing a community. Following are the handy solutions offered by ANACITY:

Managing multiple properties at the same time

OAMs are often managing multiple properties. Juggling between different platforms for each community can be time-consuming and highly inefficient. Managers have to move between multiple dashboards to get oversight into each community. 

Solution: ANACITY offers a multi-property dashboard to streamline, and manage multiple gated communities. You can broadcast messages, access reports, and track complaints for each community from a central platform.

Collecting service charges 

Running any gated community requires considerable expense. To ensure smooth functioning, OAs have to ensure ample funds, including a robust capital reserve and comprehensive insurance coverage to protect their assets. As non-profit bodies, OAMs depend on service charges collected from the residents to meet these expenses and plan ahead. However, gaps in collections remain the biggest roadblock for most community managers. Overdue collections not only impact current operations but can also jeopardise budgetary outlays and maintenance planning. 

Solution: ANACITY facilitates timely collections by automating the generation of service charge invoices. This is followed up with reminders to ensure that all residents have ample time to make payments. The platform also offers a fully automated payment gateway for ease of payment. It is also convenient for homeowners who are living overseas. 

Ensuring financial discipline

One of the biggest OAM challenges is ensuring financial discipline. With heavy expenses and limited avenues of income, OAMs must ensure strict financial discipline. Most community managers struggle to reduce asset downtime and control wastage while ensuring that there are no compromises in the quality of services and assets. 

Solution: ANACITY is designed to enable strict financial discipline through multiple avenues. The accounting module records every penny spent, thus tracking every expense. Instant access to expense reports further helps in ensuring accountability and instilling financial discipline. In addition, it facilitates preventive asset management by allowing managers to set up a servicing schedule with timely reminders. 

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Facility management

Community managers are tasked with handling facilities like clubhouses, swimming pools, and gyms. Problems crop up during peak hours when everyone wants access to the facilities. This can lead to disputes. It is also challenging to limit access during emergencies. 

Solution: ANACITY offers a facility reservation system under which the residents have to book their chosen slot. This removes any chances of double booking. It also allows facility managers to limit access whenever required. Read about End-to-End Facility Management with ANACITY.

Manage complaints & requests

One of the key tasks for every community manager is addressing resident complaints. These can range from leaky taps to stalled lifts. Dissatisfaction can grow when complaints are not addressed in time. But with multiple communities to manage, it can be challenging to address each resident’s complaints. 

Solution: ANACITY offers a centalised platform for tracking complaints, suggestions, and requests. Residents can register their complaints on the app. Unaddressed complaints are automatically bumped to the next supervisory level. The fully-functional admin console also expedites the digital processing of requests like No-Due certificates. Learn more about how Centralised Complaint Management Improve Efficiency.

Speedy communication

Communication is a critical aspect of managing a community. But managing communication can be tricky in large communities. Important notices can go missing or people may just fail to read them. 

Solution: ANACITY’s communication module acts as a social media for the community where all residents can interact with each other. Community managers can post notices on the app. Online notices can be viewed by every resident at any time.