Future of Work: Mobile-First Workforce Solutions

UAE has one of the highest smartphone adoption rates in the world with 20.96 million active cellular mobile connections in early 2024, accounting for a whopping 219.4% of the total population. Businesses were swift to seize this opportunity, revolutionising their customer relations, from marketing to after-sale services. However, they have been slower to leverage this smart connectivity when it comes to their workforce. But with the rise of a mobile-first workforce, the future of work will lie in leveraging digital workplace solutions.

This shift also directly impacts Commercial Real Estate (CRE) leaders. Their success increasingly hinges on effectively engaging a mobile-first workforce, especially as leasing businesses embrace digital approaches. ANACITY Business, a SaaS platform to automate workplace management, is at the forefront of digitally transforming the commercial real estate industry.

Emergence of mobile-first workforce

The surge of the mobile-first workforce is evident, driven by widespread digital adoption and our reliance on mobile devices. For Gen-Z, connecting with colleagues and workplaces via app-based solutions is the norm. This shift has significant implications for workplaces. Research indicates that companies at the forefront of supporting mobile technology among employees experience positive outcomes across the board—increased productivity (16%), creativity (18%), satisfaction (23%), and loyalty (21%).

Why invest in mobile-first workforce solutions?

Embracing a mobile-first approach is essential for Commercial Real Estate leaders to attract, retain, and engage workplace tenants. Following are some compelling reasons to invest in mobile-first workforce solutions:

Productivity & satisfaction

Nearly every task management solution is supported by a mobile interface, allowing individuals to stay connected even when away from their laptops. These solutions, including push notifications, real-time reporting, geofencing, and location-based services can significantly improve workflow optimization. Mobiles empower individuals to work efficiently and communicate seamlessly with colleagues. Recent research establishes a direct relationship between workplace mobile usage and increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

Improve accessibility

The pandemic underscored the importance of an accessible and flexible approach. Technology enabled remote work, and this shift has become the new standard. Today, a mobile-first workforce expect a similar approach from the workplace with mobile-first digital visitor management, smart access, and parking management.

Data analytics

Most property management teams fail to tap into or underutilise available information, such as visitor footfall or parking space distribution. A mobile-first platform facilitates data collection and analysis, enabling better insights into financial, space, and tenant management. It empowers property management teams to make informed decisions.

Additionally, mobile-first workforce solutions enhance safety and compliance in commercial real estate. App-based tools provide real-time alerts, instant reporting, and remote supervision.

Mobile-first solutions by ANACITY Business

ANACITY Business offers a SaaS-based mobile-first platform for workplace management and access control. Its features include:

  • Contactless smart access for quick entries.
  • Digital visitor management to track guests.
  • Pre-approved passes for effortless guest entries
  • RFID-based vehicle tracking.
  • In-app reminders for asset maintenance.
  • Helpdesk ticketing for service management.
  • QR-based eFeedback to get direct user opinion.
  • App-based booking for common amenities like conference rooms and wellness facilities.
  • Enhanced tenant engagement through regular communication.
  • Convenient food ordering from the office cafeteria.
  • Quick access to emergency services.
  • Real-time view of creche facilities.

If you want to know more about mobile-first solutions by ANACITY Business or to schedule a free demo, get in touch with us at sales@anacity.com or visit www.anacity.com.